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Refinishing flooring

Refinishing flooring

If you’re looking for a specialist in hardwood refinishing, restoration, coating, buffing, staining and repair, Roy Hardwood Floors can provide great quality work and excellent service. Look no more, you found the right company.roy floors has the experience and expertise to get the Job done right the first time. We provide a water base polyurethane finish, non toxic to kids and pets and the odor is very low, two hour per coat max time. Oil base polyurethane about 8 to 9 hours per coat or max time 24 hours. Using oil base polyurethane provides long lasting protection on interior surfaces such as hardwood flooring. The oil base will outlast the water base, but the water base is more convenient for the home owner. Floors that are scratched, gouged or heavily worn require complete sanding and refinishing. We contain 99% of the dust!!

refinished options:

#1 refinished flooring natural color

1coat sealer and 2 cats of polyurethane oil based finish. It gives the floors a amber glow, honey color. It brings out the natural wood grain patterns.oil base high solid content will beautify and protect your wood floors, providing years of enjoyment choose of finish in satin, semi-gloss or high gloss.

#2 refinished flooring stain color

1 coat stain color and 2coats of polyurethane oil based finis

Floors will be sanded down to the bare wood using a course, medium, and fine sand paper. Floors are then buffed/screened, vacuumed and tacked and. to not confuse the owner we will show 1 to 4 samples of stain will be applied to the floor so you may choose a color when the stain is dry, 1 coat of polyurethane is applied. When the polyurethane coat is dry, we then buff/screen, vacuum and tack in between each additional coat of urethane to insure proper adhesion and smoothness.

#3 refinished flooring natural color water based

1 coat sealer and 3 coats of water-based finish.

It gives the floors a clear color, and have low odor. Each coat dries in 1 hour, but it needs more coats. It is also more expensive. You may walk on the floors 1 hours after last coat is applied choose of finish come in satin, semi-gloss and high gloss.