▶ How often should I refinish my floors, and how many times can my floor be sanded?

A hardwood floor is typically 3/4″ thick and therefore can undergo about 10 standard refinishes before the flooring is compromised, and the tung-and-groove is exposed. The average floor will need to be re-sanded and coated about every 10 years, depending on the durability of the specie, and the wear and tear your floor sees with daily traffic. Sometimes a buff and coat will be sufficient enough to restore some shine to your floor.

▶ How much time will it take to maintain my ceramic tile?

It’s not much different than cleaning any other type of surface. Wipe up spills promptly with water and a clean, white cloth and frequently sweep or dust mop. Wash your floor tiles with manufacturer’s suggested cleaning products and then rinse with clean water. Don’t use detergents, abrasive cleaners, or “mop and shine” products. Don’t use a beater bar when vacuuming. Your Carpet One Floor & Home® retailer can give you more information on maintaining the specific tile you are purchasing.

▶ What can I do to minimize scratches and indentations on my new hardwood floor?

The finish on hardwood floors provides greater resistance to everyday household scratches. Remember to use floor protectors under the feet of your furniture. If you have casters on furniture, make sure they are barrel type wheels (a minimum of 1″ continuous width is recommended). When moving furniture, use extra caution. Never drag furniture to a new location, always lift. Also, be aware that certain shoe types like stiletto heels can damage hardwood because of the pressure exerted through them. And finally, if you have pets, remember to keep their nails trimmed.

▶ I moved my area rug, and my wood is lighter where my area rug was. What happened?

Wood goes through a natural aging process called “patina.” Bright sunlight can accelerate this condition. Use blinds or heavy drapes to block the direct sunlight and move area rugs or other items that may cause this effect from time to time.

▶ What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished flooring?

Unfinished hardwood strips or planks have not been stained or sealed and will need to be sanded, stained and finished at the job site. Prefinished strips are stained and sealed by the manufacturer before they are sold to consumers. The aluminum oxide coating on a factory-finished floor provides a stronger, more durable surface and generally has a longer life than floors finished at the job site.

▶ Can I use commercial cleaner?

Yes. However, for prefinished floors, always use manufacturer-recommended cleaners. For unfinished floors, finished at the job site, refer to the recommendation of the floor finish manufacturer. Do not use wax based cleaners.

▶ Oil based vs Water based floor finish

With today’s technology there are many more advantages to using a high quality water based finish instead of oil based. Due to changes in environmental laws all companies that manufacture finishes need to change their formulas to conform. Therefore, the very durable oil based finishes that were produced many years ago are not the same any more. All of the R&D has been and will continue to go into water based finishes. High quality water based finishes offer durability that is equal to or superior to oil based, dry faster, have very little odor, do not amber over time and are safer for the environment. On the other hand, oil based finishes take much longer to dry and create more downtime, have very strong odors that force customers to leave the house, take on an amber hue over time. All of our water based finishes are of high quality and made by the leading companies in the business such as Bona, Lenmar, Basic Coatings and Absolute Coatings. Oil based finish is available as an alternative. We still use oil based stains which provide a deeper, richer color to the floor vs their water based counterparts.

▶ Is it necessary to hire a professional?Sanding and refinishing wood floors is a specialized trade. The sanding equipment used is powerful and design to produce professional results quickly. Our machines are not rented from Home Depot nor would I expect those machines to compare. It takes years to develop the skills to not only use these machines but also develop the ability to recognize what a good job looks like. This is what we do day in and day out.

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